Saturday, June 13, 2009

and i am done!

i'm feeling really good about myself now.. i am done with ALL my papers and i actually did work for them.. so all you whiny babies taking spm can just realise there is a lot more studying out there.. *degree*can die*horror*

so to kick start my lovely, loooong holiday (two and a half months yo!) went out today to watch drag me to hell.. gosh so scary wei.. i thought i might just die.. lovely way to fling all thoughts out of your head.. but i liked it and found it nice, it's nice vin!.. i'm sorry for almost killing you!

so here are itsey bitsey updates of what's been happening with me~

three months ago


very the sakit to get this pic!

we is loving!

i tinggi dy

kamikaze attempts

waterfall trip to templer's park, rawang.. so fun i tell you.. we must go again!

two months ago

jun's birthday in chilies :)
one month ago

the 'vin' pose


my birthday in mewah club.. it was awesome and i thank my friends very much.. although there was more cake on me than in me O.o

i'm off camping on wednesday.. wheeee!!!! call me to lepak ya.. night night!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

i am still alive

yes, despite not being seen in the public eye as often as i used to be, i still do in fact have a life..
one that is pretty darn okaaay considering..well considering some stuff..
shall blog more adequately soon aites..

Sunday, February 8, 2009

pretty moon

it's full moon today
and it's thaipusam
and indians are all paying tribute to lord muruga

went to batu caves on friday night as it wasn't packed much.. many were walking but i did not.. sorry helena, next time we shall go aites!

aah the sights one does see

cute guys pun ade.. but i only have eyes for you! =]

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

cny is being wrapped up

fireworks grating on the nerves is how we all know tahun baru cina is here
enough already!

it was a long wait

because the queue was so darn long, we, my sis and i came up with a bunch of really lame ass jokes of
ways to annoy the staff at the kfc drive-through..

1. excuse me kak, but can i have a discount on my burger if i do not want sauce?
2. could you please give me one extra french fry with my burger?..i want to try
3. rummage through the box of french fries then return all the lembik ones and insist on them being re-fried
4. dig your wallet, then coin purse, then your coin box, then glove compartment, then under the carpet seats for the exact change of 5cents ignoring the shiny fifty-cents on the dashboard
5. place your order and upon reaching the payment counter, drive around kfc thrice and honk your horn before reversing just as the next car is to come forward
6. count your fries, then your friends, and insist upon an explanation for the difference.. even of the lengths
7. bring your dog along, then ask it what would it like..say that your dog has changed it's mind...five times!..finally placing an order for a vegetarian burger
8. explain to the staff the specific preferences of your family members and then make each one of them yell their orders across

okaay there were a whole bunch more but i'm getting lazy..
and i did not do any of the above..
see, so civilized!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

hello there!

vicky me
because i have chores of my own :)..i was lazy and went online for abit where i got to chat with pandi vicky

tharshini says:
must wash my car..bathe my dogs

vcky says:
vcky says:
u oso bathe 2gtr
tharshini says:
tharshini says:
i bathe together only with........

vcky says:
onli wit.....????????
vcky says:
who ler
tharshini says:
my shower head
vcky says:
silly goose

tharshini says:
tharshini says:
i get it steaming
tharshini says: wei
vcky says:
vcky says:
ar crapin o sumtin

Friday, January 23, 2009

the yumminess of banana leaf rice

first of all, congratulations miss charlene tan wei ai on blogging before me having the leisurely time at home whilst i was at coll...

so we went to brickfields as lene wanted an indian experiance and she was actually able to whine about me going for banana leaf rice while she's in aussie.. -.-
oh and for a complete indian experiance, she insisted we go in punjabi suits..

i picked her up and we took the ktm there and it was nice as with good conversation the journey did not feel oh so horrribly long as it usually would.. the ktm was of course the ktm la

we walked up to paandi's and i doubt lene remembers the difference between the shop and the animal kan?.. hehe
and as we walked lene clung onto her bag so very tight as she was sure everyone was staring at us.. right, that tends to happen if you go about in churidhas though..

the food was very good and her company was so fun.. although the picture taking part was nothing short of mortifying!.. haha.. hmm anyone up for some matchmaking lene with a strapping young man named Imthijas? *sniggers*
although, she was quite offended when he told her to open her eyes when they were already, well, open!
after bringing all the waiters, and some kitchen staff as well i presume, to our table with the endless session of picture snapping we left laughing so hard!.. we just had to look at each other before we started laughing again..

if only a certain someone *coughs*juns*coughs* could have made it but oh well with cny just around the corner and all the sprucing up to do she probably spent the day with a dust cloth on her head and a dish cloth in her hand =D

i had to get to coll just about then so after getting some indian sweets namely jelebis and laddus i saw lene off at sentral and went for class

next trip, chinatown in cheongsams!
pics up on lene's blog..